Elise Schmitz

Competition. It's healthy right?!

Think again. I've sat and contemplated this very concept for quite a while. And I'm going to dig deep here and let you in on a little secret. I was in a creative slump when this haunting little one-liner was stuck in my thoughts. Okay, let's be honest. I just sugar coated that because really, I was second guessing everything I was doing. To a point where I almost closed up shop. No one would miss me, right?! But then my little entrepreneurial voice kicked in and said - "One more shot Elise! Throw caution to the wind and do you." 




It was like a light switch. Who cares what my competitors are doing. I'm gonna do me. And if people don't like me, well - too bad! It was time for me to stop being overly judgemental while always looking at what my competition was doing. 

Elevate Master Class

Truth be told, my competition isn't me. It was clouding my own better judgment. It was slowly tearing away the essence of me leaving a vanilla version of my business. And this is when I realized that I am my business and I am it's number one ambassador. 


It was time for my business to literally elevate 


So circling back to the concept of healthy competition. It is -- for beginners.  It helps you set your first bar: goals. It helps you price your services when you don't have the tools to make that decision entirely on your own. It helps you innovate while you're still finding your entrepreneurial voice; until you become the mentor. The person people are calling saying "I wanted to hear your thoughts on....." That's when you STOP looking at your competition. Because you've made it past the hardest part of establishing your business. Now it's time to start competing with yourself. Pushing yourself creatively to the next level. You know what you can do -- but what are you really capable of when there are no limits in front of you? 

Wanna know the answer? Buy a ticket to Elevate and we'll show you ;)