Having your own business is weird because the more you work, or I should say, the harder you work, the more rewards you reap. It exaggerates this concept of go-go-go and before you even realize it, you've gotten yourself into a stress spiral of:

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Competition. It's healthy right?!

Think again. I've sat and contemplated this very concept for quite a while. And I'm going to dig deep here and let you in on a little secret. I was in a creative slump when this haunting little one-liner was stuck in my thoughts. Okay, let's be honest. I just sugar coated that because really, I was second guessing everything I was doing. To a point where I almost closed up shop. No one would miss me, right?! But then my little entrepreneurial voice kicked in and said - "One more shot Elise! Throw caution to the wind and do you." 

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I've never taken a business workshop and I've never ever picked up a book about business. I have no mentors and I don't think I've ever asked for business advice from anyone. I'm not one of those "knowledge-go-getters".  I wish I was, but I just don't have the time or patience. I'm a doer.

So everything I'm going to share with you is literally unadulterated and wholly my own observations through lived experiences. And I'm sharing it all here and at the ELEVATE MASTERCLASS. No fluff here! I'm sharing the info that you just can't find out there. Because Elevate is not about supplying basic small business info to the masses. 

Having a "personal brand" is a relatively new term. But it's something I've been doing for years - slowly curating my business to subtly emit the essence of who I am, my philosophy's & what I'm all about. Incorporating this properly is not only hard because you need to know yourself well, but also how you want others to perceive you. You are your brands number one ambassador. And the things and people you surround yourself add to your brand. Or shall we say ELEVATE- your brand ;) 

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Elise Schmitz